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Italian Residential Rotating Neapolitan Wood Burning Brick Pizza Oven

We are proud to present the Marra Forni Neapolitan. This oven takes the traditional Neapolitan style that the region is known for, and combines it with the excellent finish quality of the Marra Forni line. This oven builds on our proven wood fired refractory brick pizza oven core, built by third generation oven makers.

Each oven is hand crafted to the highest specification by artisans in Naples, Italy. The bricks used on every Marra Forni oven are heat resistant up to 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to easily use the oven at it’s full potential every single day. The brick core paired with the traditional style makes the Marra Forni Neapolitan an instant classic.

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Marra MixersBecause Your Oven Should Cook Your Dough, Not your Mixer
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Marra Fork Mixers

When making the best possible wood fired Neapolitan pizza, it is important to use a true Italian fork mixer to ensure that the dough is not overworked, and retains the excellent resolution that you and your customers expect. By using a fork mixer, you are ensuring that your dough will get the proper aeration, maintain the correct texture, and yield a nice elastic result.

Since a fork mixer merely folds the dough over on itself, instead of spiraling it together, the dough is never heated up in the mixing process. With the booming growth of the Neapolitan pizza industry, forked mixers distinguish your dough from the that of the competition. We strongly believe that the dough should be treated with care since after all, your oven should be cooking your dough, not your mixer! In the world of pizza making, an overworked dough is the enemy of good pizza.


Marra RefrigerationAll Pizza Prep Tables are Not Created Equal
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Marra Pizza Prep Tables

Not all workstations are created equal. We kept this in mind when we decided to release the Marra Pizza Prep tables. Without a proper workstation, even the best Pizzaiolo will be merely juggling pizza supplies and hoping for the best.

With the Marra Pizza Prep Tables, you can enjoy an organized and extremely roomy area to create your pizzas. With granite countertops, stainless steel construction, and available condiment rails on all models, there is no better choice for assembling your pizzas. These pizza prep tables are available in both two door and three door models with refrigerated dough areas. Unlike lesser models, our pizza prep tables come with granite counter tops for maximum durability and excellent look. Marra pizza preps tables aren’t just built to look great; they’re built to last.


Curing CasesPlug-in Curing Cases
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Stagionello Curing Cases

Curing cases are the perfect solution to curing your own meats and taking your restaurant to the next level.

Have you ever wanted to add a more unique selection of cured meats to your restaurant's menu but not had the resources? Now with the Stagionello Curing Cases, you can easily cure meats on site and add a gorgeous piece of equipment to your restaurant's kitchen.


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When outfitting your home or restaurant with the finest Neapolitan, Marra Forni is the clear choice. Whether you need a custom built and artisan tiled oven to match your restaurant, or the ultimate build-in pizza oven for your outdoor living area, Marra Forni has an oven for the job.

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